Sajber Måndag Ehandel

Välkomna skall Ni vara till mina ehandelsbutiker hos Tictail och Meylah! Min första produkt är min teblandning, Tea53.

Anteckningar från podcast, Sajber Måndag Ehandel:

Galenskaparna & After Shave – Macken – Konfirmationspresenten


  1. Thanks for the link, Martin! Of course now I’ve got to spend some time becoming bi-lingual. But Sweden is awesome… soooo, it could totally be worth it! -Mike

  2. Martin Lindeskog says:

    Mike: Thanks for the comment! You could learn Swedish from the Swedish Chef… 😉 How come Sweden is awesome? I think the United States of America is the land of opportunity.

    Talk to you soon again! Please say hi to your “brother in arms,” Gary.

    All the Best,


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